Lashing down the bike en route to Turkey.


     Cyprus is a beautiful place, though problematic to transit through. I won't go into detail here, but simply extricating the bike from the port authority was a real mess.  I pushed through the many steps with 3 very friendly Slovenians travelling by car. At several points we were screamed at, and the process was as convoluted and frustrating as any I've seen in the past 2 years on the road. I also had to pay 100euro for 2 weeks of insurance even though I only needed the insurance for one day to transit the island- ouch! Those of you with European green cards will be covered.

     It felt great when I left the port and started riding north on a nice, cool highway. The ride to Girne was a pleasant one. There were many rain showers in the area as I rode through the mountains. Before long I crossed into the Turkish side of Cyprus. I had my passport stamped and bought insurance at the border. "Do I have to do anything else?" I asked. The man simply waved me through...